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Advice on entering search criteria

Using a Planning Reference
The simplest way to find a single record is to search by Application Number.
The following rules apply when inputting references: For searches on application references prior to 1 January 2000 input last two digits of year/followed by five figure number (e.g. 99/51232) For searches on application references after 1 January 2000, prefix the field with letter P/input last two digits of year/followed by four figure number (e.g. P05/1232) (Please ensure the numeric value 0 is used rather than the letter O in this search criteria)

Searching by any address and/or proposal
If searching for a planning application by an address please type in the road / street name, for example, Quarry Park Road. You can also search by postcode, for example DY8 2RE.

Using a Date Range
To search for applications within a specified date range enter the appropriate dates in the From and To fields. You can use the date selector or enter the date in manually. Dates should be entered in the format "DD-MM-YYYY", e.g. 01-01-2006 To search for all applications regardless of date leave the date fields blank. Planning weekly lists are also provided showing registered/determined planning applications in any given week.

NB: Application details are available for applications since 1 January 1991, however applications registered prior to 1 December 2005 are unlikely to have full details available.

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